Global Body Stretch

Global Postural Stretching and Proper Body Alignment using the innovative K-Stretch Hammock system.


• Restore Body Flexibility
• Align Body
• Improve Posture
• Improve Balance
• Reduce Stiffness
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The New European Hypopresive Method
Certified Instruction by a Physical Therapist
One on One or Group Classes

Medical Benefits:

• Improve Sexual Function
• Prevent Urinary Incontinence
• Reduce Back Injuries
• Restore Body Figure after Pregnancy
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Functional Therapeutic Exercise

Train patient to improve functional levels and strength for specific tasks in their lives.

Ejercicio Terapéutico Funcional

Entrena pacientes/clientes en aquellas actividades que se hacen difíciles debido a debilidad muscular y falta de flexibilidad, con el propósito de alcanzar el máximo nivel funcional.

Muscle Imbalance Correction

Treat muscle asymmetries; from muscle connected in the cervical spine to lower extremities.

Corrección del Imbalance Muscular

Trata asimetrías musculares desde los músculos conectados en la columna cervical hasta los músculos conectados en las extremidades inferiores.

Geriatric Exercise Programs

Safe exercise programs that focus on balance, strength, flexibility, and functional ability.

Programa de Ejercicios Para la Tercera Edad

Programa de ejercicios hechos con precaución enfocados en el balance, fuerza, flexibilidad, y habilidad funcional del paciente/cliente.

Customized Exercise/ Stretching Programs

Pursue patient needs and wishes in regards to physical activity by creating a safe customized routine of exercises to meet their specific goals.

Programa de Ejercicio Y Estiramiento Personalizado

Busca satisfacer las necesidades y metas del paciente de acuerdo a su actividad física, mediante la creación de rutinas personalizadas de ejercicios.

Injury Prevention Program:

Educates the patient about specific exercises that assist with decreasing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries according to level of activity and lifestyle.

Programa de Prevención de Lesiones

Motiva y educa al paciente/cliente a cerca de ejercicios específicos que contribuyen a disminuir el riesgo de lesiones musculo esqueléticas, de acuerdo al nivel de actividad y estilo de vida de cada participante.

Provided Services

  • Muscle Imbalance Correction
  • Corrección del Imbalance Muscular
  • Postural Re-Education
  • Reeducación Postural
  • Injury Prevention Program
  • Programa de prevención de lesiones
  • Functional Therapeutic Exercise
  • Ejercicio Terapéutico funcional
  • Customized Exercise/Stretching
  • Ejercicio Y estiramiento personalizado
  • Geriatric Exercise Programs
  • ejercicios para la tercera edad

In 2011 I received a new knee. Since then walking has been difficult for me. I have seen four Physical Therapist but the results have been less than successful...

Helen C.

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I'm actually a personal trainer. I developed chronic back pain from a bicycle accident. Her expertise and professionalism has helped me to continue to meet the demands of my profession as a trainer...

Gus G

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Dr. Chaux is a Godsend! She did wonders for my shoulder and neck issues. She really took her time to evaluate my condition. Then she systematically began working on me...

Richard U

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