• Global Stretching with the K-Stretch Hammock

Provided Services

  • NEW! Global Stretching Method from Europe
    • Global Postural Stretching and Proper Body Alignment using the innovative K-Stretch Hammock system.
    • Benefits: Restore Body Flexibility, Align Body, Improve Posture, Improve Balance, Reduce Stiffness.
    • Learn More!
  • NEW! European Hypopresive (Tummy Fit) Method
    • The secret is the Hipopressive Method works on involuntary (Sympathetic) muscles, as opposed to the voluntary muscles commonly used during sit-ups and crunches. By engaging these muscles and reprogramming the brain, the Hipopressive Method can help maintain a good abdominal muscle tone at all times.
    • Additional Medical benefits attributed to this amazing technique are: Improve, Prevent Urinary Incontinence, Reduce Back Injuries, Restore Body Figure after Pregnancy. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!
  • Yoga and Physical Therapy for Fall Prevention.
             Learn to listen to your body and self correct your balance when you are exposed to uneven surfaces with the    practice of modified yoga poses to build strength, stability, balance, and flexibility.
  • Yoga and Physical Therapy for back pain.
             Learn to release tension in your back to bring balance to your body using individualized and customized   exercises and yoga poses based on diagnosis and patient’s needs.
  • Wellness to improve quality of Life
              Learn a holistic way of keeping your immune system stronger with a healthy life style including healthy recipes      and  secrets to boost your energy level,  to feel healthier inside and out, youthful,  and beautiful.
  • Yoga for Pain Management
    •   A combination of modified yoga poses, specific breathing techniques, and mindfullness meditation to learn to   inhibit pain by reseting the brain with optimal postural habits and proper patterns of movements free of restrictions to improve quality of life, indepence, functional mobility, and quality of life.

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